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Minerva Socrates Program 110159-CP-1-2003-NO-MINERVA-M
October 2003 - October 2005

eLearning programs on natural sciences combining asynchronous eLearning with synchronous AV-learning have been used with success in recent years. However, demand has been developing for asynchronous and synchronous authoring, presentation, and collaboration tools that promote use of standard mathematical and scientific notation. Such tools must overcome the increased requirements for time-effective communication during the educational process enabling efficient interaction among administrators, educators, learners, and researchers through the exchange of media rich documents containing formulas, graphs, sketches, animations and simulations in sophisticated combinations.

The NS-eCMS project focuses on the design and development of an open web-based content management, communication, and collaboration eLearning platform that addresses the specialized requirements for distance education in natural sciences. Media rich content management will be achieved through a federated architecture enabling straightforward development, exchange, and publication using international standards, specifically MathML and XML. The proposed infrastructure will support the integration of mathematical tools for the execution of computations. Additional user interfaces, e.g. light pens and electronic blackboards that facilitate efficient interaction with the system, will be explored.

The NS-eCMS system will benefit undergraduate learners and undergraduate academic institutions involved in natural science teaching/instruction by providing a platform that addresses the entire educational process, from information exchange to information management, computation execution and examinations.

More information on the NS-eCMS project objectives.

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